All Knowledge Starts Here. When Style Outweighs Smarts.

The idea that there was once a library with all of the knowledge of the world is an interesting concept to digest. Could you imagine someone being powerful enough and smart enough to know that knowledge is the ultimate tool when it comes to man kind that they compile all the books in the world into one library. Well this was the case with the alexandria library. In todays day and age knowledge is at ones fingertips. The only issue is no one can know for certain where this knowledge is coming from. Maybe a scholar or maybe an idiot. Who knows.

Where Do You Get Your Knowledge?

While the internet is an awesome tool we have to teach people that they should do their own research for believing something they read online. A lot of content on the web was created with the strict intention of misleading. This is the issue with the generation of the day as research isnt a top priority. What do you think? Leav a comment below to continue the discussion.

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