People Who Care. Not People Who Dare.

When you put the decision making power into the hands of people who care positive things get done. In any instance of government where people were in a position of power and had to make decisions that would either hurt or help people based on the past transgressions of the person making the decisions, 9 times out of 10 the person who cared made decisions that benefited man kind and moved us forward. The greedy individuals who dare to care only for themselves and their own personal gain are the reason for wars and the bad side of economics and government. These transgression are documented throughout history if ¬†you decide to do your own research into why these people do these things. If you haven’t checked out the Hidden Colors series or the Zeitgeist series, I beg you do to so immediately with an open mind. After you learn from these people do not just take what they say as word I beg of you. Do your own research into the world that you live in and make your move from there.


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